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 [Nota1]  Our office mostly offers a complete judicial assistance carrying out its activity at the Court of Bologna and its Sections at the Appeal Court of Bologna, the Judge of Peace of Bologna and the Tar Emilia    Romagna.

In the aim to guarantee assistance also to the customers presenting  diffuse and considerable lawsuits we take advantage of a net of correspondents on the national territory and of foreign cooperators.

The direct and useful relationship with our customers lets us face the judicial procedures seriously and a particular attention is paid to the continuously update of each case in order to guarantee a constant monitoring of impending judgments.

 [Nota2] The activity of company advising covers every activity from contract writing, to the management of social issues and also towards third parties, in order to supply a valid service of prevention of lawsuits.

 [Nota3] Given  the growing phenomenon of insolvency our legal study  takes care of these cases and of the recovery of the credits in an extra judicial way, by means of prompt and complete plan of recovery in a judicial way for the recovery of the credit, thanks to a full examination of the strategies in the light of various patrimonial situations of the debtors.

 [Nota4] In order to ensure a real satisfaction to our customers recovering their credits we promote or take part in several executive procedures (financial, real estate and third party), as well as the bankrupt procedures (small failures and other procedures) curing the recovery of credit.

We offer, moreover assistance and advice in pre-bankruptcy and in actions promoted against bankrupts and also in the revocatory actions promoted in favour of third parties.

 [Nota5] Our study gives advice and assistance in the cases of consensual or judicial separations, in the cases of divorce, in the suits for total or partial loss of civil rights, the nomination of a support administrator, the declaration of disappearance and presumption of death.

Moreover we care for the management of the economic relationships of the couple, as well as the recovery of divorce cheques and also inheritance.

 [Nota6]Our study’s activity in this matter is mainly  writing and assisting to leasing of residential and commercial properties, caring for controversies in the relationships between lessor and lessee, in eviction suits or for ended lease.

We also assist and counsel owners in case of controversy in presence of building defects as well as previous technical checks.

 [Nota7]Our  study supplies complete, judicial and extra judicial assistance, in case of accidents cooperating with doctors and operating within the national health service and car main terrace service.

Moreover we have successfully dealt with the reimbursement of car insurance paid in surplus by consumers to the insurance companies and fined by the Antitrust Authority.

 [Nota8]Our study assists workers in wage check, in case of lay-off, mobbing and accidents. It offers moreover counsel to the companies towards their employees, thanks to our specialised counsellors.

 [Nota9]We advise the citizen to the citizen hit by the illegitimate action of Public Administration also in the suits against administrative illegitimate requests such as fines and taxes.


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