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The legal office Messina

The legal office Messina mainly offers judicial and extra judicial counsel and assistance in several legal fields taking care of all possible cases in reference with civil law, work and administrative right in all their articulations.

Particular attention is dedicated to the relationship of trust to establish with the customer, the continuous modernization, due to the desire to offer a service of  serious and punctual counselling.

Our office is in Bologna in Ozzano of Emilia (BO) and has valid correspondents on both Italy and other European countries with the aim to guarantee a qualified and complete service, also in fields that are not strictly related to legal competence. We take advantage, moreover, of the cooperation of other professionals such as accountants, doctors and job counsellors.

Finally we work with several Agencies and Institutes supplying counselling and formation activities in  various and  specific fields.


Via San Cristoforo, 10 
 40064 -  Ozzano dell'Emilia - Bologna

Tel.051 797056 - FaX 051 5870817
Cell.  348 3992343
e-mail: studio@avvocatomessinadaniela.it


P.I. 02144221203

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